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Major Events Summit

Adversity is the mother of all invention. We’re all suffering- let’s work together to try to predict and navigate an uncertain future.

Globally, we are reaching a tipping point which demands action. Lessons can be learned from how event organisers throughout the UK have operated during the pandemic and how they will approach planning for an unpredictable future. With that in mind, we would like you to join the debate…..alongside all the major sports, festival and outdoor event Associations and federations- and local authorities, and the DCMS!

This is not a lobbying group- but a virtual debate, with strong public sector engagement, to help surface practical solutions to navigate the crisis which is facing us all.

This is a first. The worlds of sport and outdoor entertainment working together- make sure you are part of it.

The Major Events Summit on the 2nd December 2020 is your chance to listen to (and join in) discussions on how we might work together to get the events (sports, festivals and other outdoor events) industry back on its feet, and share ideas on how to cope with these unprecedented times. Visit the site to discover the panellists leading the discussion, the topics tabled for the agenda, as well as a registration link so you can join the networking.

Registration is easy and free of charge for event organisers, so follow the link to discover more and sign up: https://www.meisummits.com/

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