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11th Annual Training Conference - 2022

These lectures are free to attend for members of LAEOG who will receive their personal invitation by email.

Monday 31 October until Friday 4 November at 12 noon

We have been very conscious of people's time and travel issues. We will therefore be running the programme as last year with a series of lunchtime sessions at 12 noon on Microsoft Teams so you can grab a sandwich (other items are available ) and sit back and listen to what else is happening across the country. These sessions have been specifically chosen based on the questions and feedback throughout the year so I hope you find the content interesting and please do your best to attend the sessions.

The programme for the week is as follows: -  

Monday 31 October

Emma Parkinson will give us a session on fireworks, things to look for in suppliers and what are the key aspects to consider.

Tuesday 1 November 

Elaine Knight and David Edmunds from Severn Arts will be speaking to us about - breaking new ground

Wednesday 2 November

Livvi Drake from Sea.org solutions on tap for reducing waste and introducing reusable cups at events

Thursday 3 November 

Eric Stuart will be discussing Recent learning on events – the truth behind the events

Friday 4 November

Emma Stuart  Managing Risk – what is possible